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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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flames ripped through a her wedding, but the family says the fire can't stopthem. > good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. melissa will have an eye on the roads for you as you get going. first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for a look at your forecastor today. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, everybody. monday off to a great start
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ound the area. having showers and thunderstorms around late today. yesterda those are all drying up very, very quickly, and humidity lives will really beng coown rather dramatically later on in the day. currently it is 68 degrees in erling,virginia. 74 in qauntico. 72 for arlington. 73 in an appear lit. 64 grows in coolsville,ma land. your wake up weather then a very pleasant start to the day. 0% chance for rain later on in th afternoon, and tomorrow looks nice and dry as well. temperatures in the mid 70s by mid-morning. afternoon high today, 84 degrees. just a mix of clouds and sunshine, but a nice northerly wind wilp k that humidity low for the next couple of days. perfect weather this evening and ain tomorrow for some outdoor backyard barbecuing. a temperaturund 80 grows by 6:00. alling into the mid 70s b 8:00. sun is not down until 8:37 g let'over to melissa and make sure that your monday morning commute is going smoothly. >> is going smoothly so far. beltway inner loop and outer loop, no problems here.
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nice and green this morning. chuck had earlier road work in two different spots, and both oe those hleared out of the way. white's ferry, reminder shut down because of high water on the pat mock river. that is closed. you're going to have to find another way to or from maryland virginthere. upper marlboro southbound 4 outbound at woodyardad. just the left lane open because of a crash. we do have the response there. sounds like a tow should be on the way. >> melissa, thank you. the primary decision 2018 in maryland happens tomorrow. more than 18,000 votes aren't properly registered because of a computer error in the nba. >> nicole jacobs is joining us now live from landover to explain how you can make sure that yorr ition is all krekts corrected before heading out to the pollsomorrow. hi,nicole. good morning. >> hi there. good morning to you. angie, good morning. eun, the important information to take away this morning is if
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you areegistered to vote, you will not be turned away, but this is ah gliou can blame on a computer problem according to maryland state officials. it's a glitch they did not discover until friday, and it could result in some people's information being incorrect in the computer system. voters can do their due diligence as well by going to the board of elections voter website. type in your information. you' then see exactly what is registered under your name. now, maryland state officials say theyill hold a hearing next month because the last thing they want is f this done an issue during the general election. we'reive in prince gornl's county.
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back to you. >> good information there, nicole. thank you. ina virgini senate candidate the key for trump event today. here's a look at that entt the trump international hotel. stewart reiterated how he would pport the president if he is elected to the senate come. novemb >> we will work together with he president, and we will make our tax cuts permanent. we will restore american healt care. we will bring down rates, and we will include b equali bringing competition to health care provision in theat united . stewart is trying to unseat democrat tim kaine this fall.e t is 5:04. the government works to reunite families detention centers look the border. lawmakers here in washington will tryas again to an immigration reform bill this week. meanwhile, president trump continues to cntticize cur policies. he tweeted yesterday we must
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imdiately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. critics say such a move violates the constitution and due process. it didn't stop the psident from pushing it and bming democrats for the crisis. >> i don't want judges. i want border security. i don't want judges. i want border patrol. want ice. >> it's the democrats' fault, but it wouldn't be their fault for long ihey sat down with us. we could make a deal so quickly. >> some democrats joi the border this weekend calling for more answers. about how families are being reunited. at least 2,000 immigrant children are now in federal facilities aunng the cotry. many of them separated from the parents at the boarder. parents have already been deported without them. it is going to be anem ional day in pittsburgh. the family of antoine rose say their final good-byes. rose was shot and killed last
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tuesday by pice in ara tic stop. police say the car that rose was in, he was a passeng a in, it matched the description of a car that was already connected to a shooting that happened. the dth h sparked -- later this morning, d.c. mayor muriel bowser.ic she isng off the birthday of the marion summer youth employment program. now, this is going to help more than 10,000teenagers. and young adults in our area find summer jobs. the ent begins at 11:00 in southeast washington on martin luth j king avenue. going to get this information out on social media. i may soon be a very happy girl. the whole caps stanley cup thing has -- my heart mig burst. >> this is exciting. part of the panda habitat is
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osed off now,nd that's a signecse 19-year-old panda might be pregnant. might be. that's why wed f news 4 adam tuss in northwest washington. adam, you are on panda watch officially. >> pandamonium. >> this might be like an addition to your family. >> don't know for sure. yeah,seriously. we know how crazy you are about the pandas, but, listen, we don't know for sure if this is a real pregnancy or if it's a false pregnancy. z that's wood officials have closed the habitat and are keeping an eye on her 24 hours a day. take a look at the liveanda cam right now.
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if there were to beanother pacub, this would be a huge deal here, guys, because you know that this also has big implications for the zoo. we bring a lot of people here to come and take a look here, and then also you have to have all these issues with china because i'm not sure exactly what the whole, regulations but at some point the big panda cub g grows up as back to china. am i right about at? nevertheless, the habitatas closed down. you can still see the outdoor exhibit right now where a couple of thether giant pandas are roaming around. allye today. back to you. >> can't wait. we have one panda cub left, and so it will be so nice to have a bonus baby where bay bay has to . >> i'mo confused. >> got it. >> hey, but i know the nats won
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last night. >> thanks, adam., >> know. >> you know. >> okay. so every bride's worst nightmare is a dr on her wedding day. something going wrong. well, that's exactly what happened for this potomac bride. her home wentme up in f hours before the ceremony. the fire completely destroyed the house it was on kennelling circle. luckily, though, the bride to be had put her dress in the trunk of her car thebe night re. firefighters were also able to save the groom's suit. the couple then decided toesake the of a bad situation. everyb out.s able to make it that's great news. as far as what started it, it t was was a cigarette t tossed into a recycling bin. >> the woman now known as permii
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patt defending her decision to allegedly call the police on an 8-year-old girl sel water. allin approached her and asked her for a permit. when she pretended she was calling the police, the girl's mother started recording. the girl's mother claims the ca was racially motivated. when she preend itted she was calling police, shet says i was not true. she says she was only doing it because the girl and her mother had been making noise for ho ns. officeer showed up to the scene. a transgender woman employee at a popular doubt restaurant refused to let her use the woman's rest room, and today she plans to file a complaint with the d.c. office of human rights. charloe was at a bachlorette party friday night. when she went to use the throom, she says an employee asked to see her id. she refused.ol the employeewed her into the rest room and then threatened to call police, and
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thenal climberd police herself. the officers showed up and told the restaurant that she had every right to use the woman's rest room. >> i didn't expect this to happen. this c a't happen tother lgbtq person in d.c. it can' >> we also heard from d.c.'s mayor, tweeting out, "we won't accept this kind of discrimination in d.c." apologizing t now to climber, and she says they're going to actually have strange for their staff. a maj step in the progressive movement for women in saudi arabia. they are now able to drive. just after midnight yesterday the world's last remaining ban on women driving was lifted.
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if you are starting to already thinkbout theweekend, here's what you do on a monday morning. and if you are going to the beacoi like i will be this weekend, oh, it's going to be perfect beach weather. afternoon highs on the mid to upper 80s, and it looks like tu friday, ay, and sunday will all be sunny and dry. what about your forect here? what about your forect here? staying right here a christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an ems gency room clenching est, and they sent him home. he died on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is just a paycheck to an insurance company.
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it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running ngress to expand medicare to every american. i apove this message. te to every american. aruna milike i belonged in americae feel when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and beinme a transportation er. and my daughters who m.e me proud every day i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws
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to proevery maryland fa. i'm running for congress and i appred this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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we're lg more if the neurooutbreak. centers for disease and prevention learned at least 73l pen the holland america cruise ship are sick. the ship isarrying more than
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2,000 passengers and crew. the ship is expected to make s additionps in alaska beforeeturning to seatt next monday. eun. >> megan fits varld from the live desk. megan, thank you. first lady melanrump traveled to tyson's to speak to kids about empowerment thisen we >> you can be in all yards of life. >> this was the first lady's first event since visiting a children's shelter in texas last kweek. that visit was shovowed by her jacket that said i really don't care, do you. the president said it was a messable to the media, but her
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office says there was no hidden message. >> ctics say the election further arose democracy in the country. this morning there's still no word on what caused this horrific explosion at an in apartment bui in western germany. it happened late saturday night in the city of -- which is just outside cologne. c yo see smoke billowing out of the building there. it's a place that a lot of families call home. officials say in all 25 people juare recovering from es, and we know that four of them were severely hurt. officials have not commented on the explosion and whether or not could possibly be related to terror. >> take a look at this dramatic video out of china. you can sees flash flo poured
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down a mountain into overflowing rivers. a aiddle school,n acre of farmland were subamerican every merged under water yesterday. there were no injuries because students were out of school for the weekend. that i a good thin you look at all that water and the damage it causes. >> soaked arounere as well. >> it really has been. >> 28 out of the last 4 days of rain. >> wow. >> whys i that? >> it's a pattern we've been stuck in. that pattern for better or worse mu not going to be here fo longer, and you do live for those triple days, hazy, hot, and humid. i have great news in your te day forecast. after this week it's going to be end of the d.c.'s sweat box, everybody. for now its a quiet enough start to the day. light breeze out of the north for today. we'll continue to bring lower humidity in. that will feel nice. 72 degrees right now here in d.c. there is rain just dn to o south and west, but with high pressure building down from
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parts of sout'ern canada, t going to keep that little rain chance down to our south today. i do think that the southern half of the news 4 nation will have a little bit more clo cover today. sunnier weather up closer to the mason dixon line. future weather, look howuiice and this is. other than a mix of clouds and sunshine today, that northerly breeze will keep things, oh, so comfortable for today, tonight,w and for tomor as well. temperatures to get your monday started, 68 forairfax and falls church. 72 in frederick, mare make sure right now. 74 down in leonard rftown. t day to go to the pool. spf, pbably 45 or higher today. that high sun angle this time of year, and low humidity will feel comfortable outside so you won't realize that you are burning. be very, very careful with the sun.
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83 tomoow. nice, lovely, low humidity days. chances for rains come back in here second half of wednesday into early thursday. that's a warm front that's coming our way. we'll be back i the low and mid 90s by friday and the weekend looks even hotter than that. let's go over to melissa mollet and see how the first four comme is coming along. >> 95 in maryland there at 198 northbound and southbound just seeing the normal volume there northbound and southbound. no big complaints beltway, ioop and outer loop, everything is clear from the beltway. no big problems on the beltway right now. ,upper marlbo still have this outbound 4 at wood ya. left lan open. we have the right lane blocked there because of this crash. still hanging around there this morning. a reminder that white's shut down today because of high water on the potomac a 66. your on time in town and out of town. >> melissa, thank you. t> show dogs stayed home for this competition.
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well, their perhaps less attractive counterparts strutted their stuff. >> and we are going to introduce you to raki, a japanese technique that could help you destress and find balance in ur life. thyoat does your business internet provider promise a lot? t's see who delivers more.
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. >> chances are you have suffered from one or more or all of these. to feel better some people are inlooking to eastern med for row leaf.
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at the beth days stockade, recovery, relief, and raki. >> what's awesome about it is it ealing es your own abilities. >> alex pierre louise, a raki practitioner. she says she feels it helps her clients who are weighed down by, aches, pa and stress. >> a lot of people deal with a lot of trauma, and he don't know how to heal it in a healthy way, and everybody can use raki to help them calm the mind. >> alex channels positive energy to give comfort to her clients. clients like cryasal who seen alex for years for raki, and alex tolal cry about tensions she sensed in one of her happened. >> whether i move patients, i move mostly with my right because it's where my strength is. >> this level of relaxation is a far c from crystal's long and intensive days working as a nurse. she's even encouraged co-workers to give sraki a try.
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>> medicine doesn't always have to be theraditional versi of, like, pain pill>> or some raki may sound i bit out there, but alex suggests giving it a try. over time she says raki's components, the brooiting, the relaxing, the focus and healing, can make a measurable difference. withore treatments, you will feel differently. you will be in aeditative state, go into a trans. you'll family asleep. >> justin finch, news 4. >> something to think about if you are considering the cost. rates for raki sessions can vary sometimes and can be free. thesethesda staff suggeou take your time. find a practical stigser for y raki tha can trust. >> pitasters in gathered in d.c. this is the scene along pennsylvania avenue yesterday at the annual giant national capital barbecue battle. it is going to be one of tre cos largest food and music
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festivals. celebrity chefs and amateurll cooks,ot a chance to compete for cash and prizes. i'm so jeaus because i heard you guys got a sneak peek. >>yes. famous dave's. >> really tgood. ribs are really good. >> oh, corn bread. they had the whole thing. everything you canimagine. we were all -- they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> in this competition beauty won't get the contestants any medals. you want to be imperfect. this english bulldog's name is zsa a. e was named the world's ugliest dog at a contest in california. >> look at her tongue. it's so pretty. >> dogs flaunt their imperfections like hairless bodies and l their extrag tongues. >> the owner takes home $1,500. nothing ugly about that,right? >> you know what, that is a family kmember. yow what, her family thinks she's adorable.
5:27 am
>> chuck has two cute dogs. >> that little lucien. >> i'll show you a picture comi up in a second. for now, though, it's all about the cooler weather and the falling couple of days. next get ready to enjoy it. check of the fecast coming up. white house backlash. a trump official forced out of a virginia restaurant. how a congresswoman now is n.lling for nor retaliatio and we're tracking breaking now. right new information just released from the autop of celebri chef anthony bourdain. megan fitzgerald
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look at that gorgeous skyline. the weather to start this 'rwee tracking a cooldown coming our way. >> plus, we are trpreparing for the primary. thousands may face trouble at the polls today. the registration glitch you need to know about. that was an interesting moment on "late night." a iyoer's olderview back in
5:31 am
the spotlight. why president trump is talking about this pre-election performance and how jimmy fallon is fighting back withcharity. ev good morning, yone. i'm eun yang. welcome to your monday. >> and i'mie a goff. aing aaron has the morning off. we'll get back to all of the stories, including panda watch. we want to get you -- i know. we want to get your off to y monday and off to a great start. look behind me. buf beautiful. >> we are going to check in with melissa with the roads jt in a moment, but, first, chuck has your forecast. the rain is out of here, ch >> gone. a thing of the past. we're going to get a couple of dry days in in a row, and better than just being dryer than we've been. we're also going to be cooler. yesterday 91 degrees. won't be anywhereear that hot today. your monday morning getting started. most everybody, once you g
5:32 am
away from the bay and away from the city into the 60s for most this morning. 68 at dulles airport. 64 up near columbia, maryland. 70 grows at joint base andrews. as you are planning out your monday, plan on a mix of clouds andsunshine. no rain this afternoon, and falling humity. you'll notice it later on in the afternoon. there are dew points that are a measure of -- that's down the next couple of days. today and tomorrow both will be amazing outdoor weather dayshe before humidity comes back and then eventually the heat as well. more about that with your n ten-day i few minutes. for now good morning, melissa. >> taking a live look in mobt gomry county. silver spring, new hampshire no problems through intersection right now and, again, the skies are nice and clear, which makes it much better morning commute for us.nt mery county right now, white's ferry today, shut down because of high water on the potomac river. warning for you there. southbound, northbound o270, problems. all the way from frederick down
5:33 am
to the spur.he reverse this morning. inner loop and outer loop for the beltway. everything there has now cleared out of the way, as has this. upper marlboro outbound at woodyard. we had just the left lane open because of a crash. now we are completely cleared there. in virginia. qauntico to the beltway. you can see you're on time there. no problems there qauntico to the bestway. tiny slowdown as you head inbound there from woodbridge. eun. >> melissa, thank you. 5:33. we're tracking breaking news coming in about the death of celebrity chef anthony bourdain. >> megan fitzgerald with the resultsf the autopsy. megan. >> prosecutors have confirmed to nbc news that bourdain drank significantly the evening before his death. they wouldn't give detailsen th exact amount of alcohol in his system, but they did say that there were also traces of csnnarcotic medications. the speci about that were also not given. they did sayhat there w a
5:34 am
therapeutic dose. as you may know, non-narcotic medications are used to control pain. bourdain was found dead in the bathroom of the hotel room in france on june 8th. the prosecutor reiterated that bourdain's death did not seem suspicious or planned. >> megan fitzgerald, thank you. zplienc >> there is an issue with voting registration for thousands of maryland voters just one day before the primary. more than 18,000 voters aren't properly registered because of a computer error at the mva. >> nuz 4 nicole jacobs joins us live from kentlingni com center. what do we need to know, nicole? >> well, angiend eun, the hope is that this will not have a negative impact on the voting experience tomorrow. maryland state election officialsre urging voters to verify their information on-line, which i a fairly easy
5:35 am
process. i'll go ahead and walk you through that now. you can simply go to the website, type in yourfo ation. you'll then see what is registered underis name. if that information is incorrect, you have the ability to changeit. now, mva, election officials say they just discovered this issue re doing and everything they can to remedye th problem. some critics, however, say this is a political ploy to confuse voters, which they say could suppress voter turnout, but maryland state officials say if you register to vote, this is important, they say you will not bed tur away. state officials also saying that they will hold a hearingext month to make sure this does not happen during the general election. if you need to do a little bit of research on any of the candides or issues goo our nbc washington app and search maryland primary. eun, angie, back to you. >> nicole jacobs.
5:36 am
nicole, thank you. prayers are pouring in forr south na gop congressional candidate katie arrington. this is a look at her on the campaign trl. she's in critical condition after a car accident claimed the life of the other driver. hethat -on crash happened on friday night. that's a look at the scene here. her campaign manager says arrington is expected to remain in the hospital for the next two weeks while she. recovers her opponent, joe cunningham, suspended campaign retivity. dent trump continues to push a tougher u.s. immigration policy. he took to twitter yesterday tweeting "we cannot allow these people to invade our country" and suggested people whont the u.s. illegally be sent back without seeing a judge. now, that would violate esting legal rights for undocumented immigrants. congress will take up immigration reform again thisay week after dg a second vote last week. more on that is coming up in about ten minutes with tracie
5:37 am
potts. >> it's n 5:36. here's some other stories making headlines this morning. a meeting set for today between stormy daniels and federal prosecutors has been canceled. that meeting is connected to the ongoing criminal investigationnt into preside trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen. cohen paid daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the president more than a decade ago. daniels' attorney tweeted late fast night, a meeting was canceled because o media attention. >> this fire turne a maryland's bride wedding day into a nightmare. a cometely destroyed the house. luckily, though, the bride put the dress in the t of her car the night before so it didn't get destroyed. 17 people were inside the home when it arted. everybody made it out k on. we'll hear from the bride coming up at 6:00 a.m. and ishe or isn't she? all eyes are on the panda at the national zoo where zookeepers believe the panda might be
5:38 am
pregnant. it's always so hard to tell. krul coming up, we'll hear from adam tuss with more detalds on what ce the news of the year. best story ever. 5:38. al coming up, reading, writing, recess. >> okay. that's probably our kites favoart of the day. they probably want more of it, but stillea actually they could be enjoying more of it. we'll tell you all about at. > the other big news of t year, caps, coming back as stanley cup amchons. we know one familiar face will be back on the ice. the key player we just secured for another season. that's next.
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una miller: almost every law i write comes from listening to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories.
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welcome back at 5:41re the caps trying to keep their stanley cup championship winning team tother. it'swork, though, right? >> if you want back to back, you got to do what you have to, and hey made that first step by resigning defenseman john carlson to a very big eight-year
5:42 am
contract. carlson's new dealim will pay season.on p that makes him the second highest paid player on the team. he spent his entire team with e caps. my have a special place in heart for him because he taught me how to play hockey. wasn't very successful, but he tr tried very hard, very patient. nice guy. this was back in 2014 before he left for the winter olympics in sochi for team usa. he scored five goals and 15 assists during theashington playoff run. we needed a defenseman like him to stay on for the stanley cup champions. >> where is the video you just -- >> i was there. he had to show me how to do it. i'm telling you. they make it look so easy, right, chuck bell? >> he is buying lunch next time. it is a beautiful monday morning here in the dmv. sun is just about ready to come up about three or four more minutes from now, but it is going to be a mostly clear sky.
5:43 am
dry weather the next couplof days. scar wash forecast, absolutely. dry weather for her today and tomorrow. t e return of rain. i'll show you trt of the foreca coming up in a
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
president trump is trading jah tonight show host jimmy fallon on twitter. >> the presidentd las out over comments fallon made about the infamous hair show during the 2016mp presidential gn. in an interview fallon said he received a lot of backlash for that move and regretted it. yesterday the president tweetedl at fallon cning that he seriously messed up his hair and telling the late night host to be a man. fallon said in honor of the president's tweet i'll be making a donation to races. it's a nonprofit helping to provide legal services to immigrants and their children. it raised more than $20 milliont
5:47 am
usands of activists and lawyers rallied outside of tent cities set up for migrant cities and their families. they say they are caring for more than 2,000 children. many of them separated from their parentsntnder preside trump's zero tolerance policy. now the president is pushing at differstrategy. >> tracie potts has the very latest. tracie, so it looks like the esident said heants immigrants to be sent back without seeing a what's your response to that? >> well, the response to that is not in lin with the constitution, which says people can come to this country seeking asylum. prosecutors are saying they fire fear for theiridives, and prt trump is saying they should be turned around at the border with no court cause, without hearing their argument or their case for asylum before they're sent back to their native country. not in line with whas currently constitutional in this country. acie, congress will get back to work on immigration reform this week, so what are the big issues they're still
5:48 am
working onhere? >> so a couple of things. it looks like they may just focus very narrowly on the family separation issue because the larger deal that they want to do about dreamers, trying to continuously have a conversation about how to protectdreamers. also, the president's border wall and border thsecurity. looks like there is not enough consensus yet to try to do that b deal. .hat we may see on keeping families togeth >> all right. tracie potts live for us on capitol hill. tacie,nk you. 5:48. a controversial call to action from california representative maxine waters. a speech she gave in front of the cheering crowd calling for atcks on the trump administration. waters told the crowd if they see anyon from the president's cabinet out in public to push back. this comes aft several of president trump's staffers will run out of businesses. the latest one white house press secretary sarah huckabeeanders that was moved from the red hen
5:49 am
restaurant in lexington, virginia. not the one in d.c. the restaurant has received a lot of attention e attention both positive and negative. >> no, i don't think that it's right, but this is a symptom. this is a resultf what trump's policies have done to this country. >> they need tope r everybody else's views, and they want to turn people -- turn some of us away to people that think differently than the think. >> the owner of the restaurant says she does not regret her decision. republicans are also responding to waters for calling for action. house majority whip steve scalise quoted civility and respect alway prevails over harassment and disrespect. 5:49. today begins the finaloreek this supreme court term, and we are still waiting on several big decisions to come down, including president trump's travel ban. the administration's third version of that ban now.
5:50 am
now, the court allowed it to go into effect back in december an pending appeal as soon as that decision comes down, we are going to send outen aale our nbc washington app. more time to play. that is the goal of a new policy that is said to be voted on tonight by the school board.ty according to loudoun now, their website, most loudo elementary students get just 15 minutes on the playground each school day. but thiswo policd actually double that amount. the push for more playground time sends for the new virginia law, and it takes effect on sunday and allows school systems to count up to 50 minutes of recess each day. 5-0. >>n lot of kids would be board with that plan, right? >> yeah. they're probably pushing for ir t now. >> is she or isn't she? that is the question. zookeepers at the national zoo are keeping a close eye on mayshon, who could be pregnant. our adam tuss is live in
5:51 am
northwest washington now with e signs of the p tda exhibitit makes them think that she could be expecting. adam, this is very tricky, though, because it's reay hard to tell. >> it's a real science. can you even control yourself right now? i mean, are you just -- i, this, li every day, every moment here? >> yes. a baby panda would be -- >> remain calm. >> well, here's why t that mayshon might be pregnant. now, she's been eating bless. she'n sleeping more, and she's been nesting. those are all signs that she could be pregnant, and she was artificially inseminated back in march. this would be in the time frame for when she actually could be pregnant. now, take a look at the live panda cam. there is a panda that is hanging out in the top right corner of the panda cam. weon't know if that is mayshon. whoever is there is taking a st. it's stiefore 6:00 in the morning. just hanging ou we do have video of mayshon over
5:52 am
the years. she has put on a show. by my citnt and doing ae bit of research here, she has had six panda cubs over theye s, and this would be a big deal if she has another one because obviously it woure bring moeople here to the zoo. it would mean economic vitality to this area, and it cre es a buzz around the region whenever happens like thi here. again, the 19-year-old panda cub -- a closeye being kept on her right now. the habitat is actually closed down, but the outdoor enclosure is open in the afternoon. if you do want to come and take a look at thatn the afternoon, it to be able to do that, that will be until 2:00 in the afternoon. once again, the giant panda cub taking a close eye and keeping a close o monitor her as she could, could, be pregnant, and that is something that zoo officials will be watching out for. back to you. >> adam tussive for us in northwest washington. adam, thank you so much. very exciting news. i was the opposite. i ate more and slept less when i
5:53 am
wasnt preg there are some differences, right? >> she tweeted about 12 hours ago, and she says i wonder if they're going to keep the cams on me 24-7. watching now. >> yes, they are. >> you think the panda. is cu look at this. >> oh,e here go. >> there we ne. >> cuss alert. here's a puppy picture for y to get your monday morning started off in the right yesterday eric and his little puppy, lucien there. >> super cute. lucien too. >> what you have to do know about polka dot lou here and is if you are not holding -- he will chew on whater appendage, finger, wrist, ear, nose. he wants to chew everything all time. you want to see more picture of him, go on to my twitter or facebook, find me on instagram as well under forecast for you. you can also u our nbc washington app. stay ahead of the weather as well. look at that great picture outside on a monday. skies arelearing on out. sun is just about ten minutes up right now, and we areooing
5:54 am
have another long day today. 14 hours and 45 minutes of daylight today. this little chance for rain down across parts of eastern kentucky because high pressure is ilding in from canada, that little ripple of rain chances is headed for virgini beach. tide water area. not for us. i do think the southern half of will being area little more affected by clouds today, but not much, if any, in the way o c rainnce for today. that is welcome news. here's future weather. poof, n rai today. nothing to worry about. clear skies tonight. we'll allow for a really comfortable nit. open window sleeping weather for maybe one of the last two times before we really settle into some mid-summer heat. we'rf in the upper 0s to around 70 degrees. your wakeup weather then for today, sunshine turning noticeably less humid. afternoon high today, only 85 compared to that hot 91 yesterday. morning.o that's downtown. most of the shenandoah valley, northern maryland will be in the 50s tomorrow morning. the heat and humid koonl back
5:55 am
later in the week and by the weekend, melissa, high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, and heat index is or 100. >> it's going to be hot this weekend. all right. thank you, chuck. white's ferry reminder here shut down because of high water on the potomac river. you're not going to be able to get acrossom the p through that area here today. i will let you know when they pl to reopen. inner loop and outer loop at the beltway, nice and smooth here this morning. no big complaints there. we had a picture out of the -- this is actually a picture here right now tv bwparkway. chopper 4, thank you for that northbound and southbound. looking good here this morning. travel times for you right now. 270 germantown to the spur. you're on time. top of the beltwayn time. taking a look here in virginia and 66 inbound. northbound. both running along quite nicely. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> melissa, thank you. it's now 5:55.
5:56 am
the toys "r" us kids, this is the last week all"r toyus and babies r us stores will be open. they'll close on or before friday. the chain filed for bankruptcy last fall. end of an era there. we want to take a moment to cob grat late some of our colleagues. the cap emmy awards were held over the weekend. >> that was in north bethesda. do doorine was honored for her nearly 30 years o the anchor desk. one of my ail-timefaves. the late jimnc our storm team 4 meteorologist doug n cammerered best weather cast. the i-team cleeping up. a whole bunch of -- of course, the team from telemundo also. >> you have probably seen her in your social media feeds already. we are going to have this storya and the rction. we're going t hear from kermt patty. >> plus, a family had to run from flames just hours before
5:57 am
wedding. the raging house fire in maryland w notnough eo
5:58 am
5:59 am
a computer proem in maryland means thousands of people could have ierkz. rying to cast their ballots i tomorrow's primary election. >> the president says the court should want play a role in deciding if people coming into the country should stay or go after a weekend filled with protests over the ongoing immiation crisis. and flames ripped through a woman's home just hours before her wedding. the family says the fire can't stop them.
6:00 am
good morning, everyone. thanks for starting your with us. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff sigts i for aaron this morning. take a look behind us. it looks like that weekend rain is out of here. we have a nice dry start to our workweek. >> something to look forward to. melissa has a look going in your first 4 traffic. first, storm team 4 meteorologist cluck bell with a forecast for monday. >> hey, good morning. happy monday, everybody. skies have been clearing out during the overnight hours, and we're going to be left with an abundance of sunshine for today. we'll get a few fair weather cumulus clouds bubbling up during the middle of the afternoon, but they're not going to be rain you can leave the umbrella at home after a bit of a stormy finish to the weekendy. yester right now it's in the mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. even 66 now to leesburg, manassas at 68. stafford and quantitiesco, 63. a nice morning. afternoon high in the comfy zong yetn. becoming less humid and cooler


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